What is a Day-After Shoot?

August 16, 2017  •  5 Comments

Okay, so one thing I’ve noticed since I started offering it was that hardly anyone knows what a “Day-After” shoot is. I’ve decided to take the time and try to explain it the best I can so that if the photographer you choose offers this wonderful service, you can fully take advantage of it, without feeling lost or like you’re having the wool pulled over your eyes.

So you’ve been planning your big day forever. You’ve got a beautiful dress that you can’t wait to wear, amazing decorations that you slaved over in some form or another, and it hits you—these are things that will only be used for 1 day. After the wedding, its not likely that you’ll put your wedding dress back on for any other reason than to see if it still fits and those decorations will most likely find their way to a wedding swap and shop or a donation bin.

This is where the beauty of the Day-after shoot really shows itself. You see, this shoot is basically a reason to get all dressed up again, trek off to a beautiful location that you would not have been able to get to on your wedding day, and enjoy a relaxed session with just you, that gorgeous dress, and the one you love most, dressed up in his wedding finery as well.

You see, as photographers, we all know that wedding days are stressful. There are time lines to follow and it always seems like not everything goes right. Though a skilled photographer can help keep the wedding going smoothly, there is always the inevitable feeling of a shot having been missed or you and your hubby not getting enough pictures of just the two of you due to timing issues.

But this is why a good number of photographers offer this type of photo shoot—if they don’t, go ahead and ask if they could, cause I’m willing to bet they’d love to do it. We all want our pictures to be relaxed and natural to who we are and when there is a schedule to follow, sometimes its our stress that is captured by the camera and nothing else. With a day-after shoot, you are in a relaxed and often secluded environment wherein which you can have those almost secretive, fairytale like pictures captured. You aren’t as restrained on time. There aren’t 40 other people trying to take your picture on their phones. It’s just you, your loved one, and the photographer.

Unless you’re working with Dragon and the Butterfly Studios, in which case I allow you to bring the wedding party and your family, should you so wish it—just as long as it is discussed in advance. I aim to get every single picture I possibly can within the time allotted—I even will help with planning the days’ timeline—but even I sometimes wish there was just a little more time to get a more natural and relaxed picture. Maybe you wanted some more pictures with your mother—maybe you wanted something more creative than the typical family pictures of a wedding. I know that most of the pictures you can see family wise from a wedding are often touching and heartwarming. Here, I’ll tell you what I mean:

When I get married, I do plan on finding a photographer who offers this, simply because:

I want pictures of my future husband and I that are unique beyond comparison. I mean me in my dress, him in his suit, middle of the freaking woods doing poses and things that we would have never done on the actual wedding day just on the off chance it would ruin the clothes for the rest of the night. I want pictures of me and my mom doing goofy things that there would be no time to do the day of the wedding—such as setting up a vanity in the middle of the aforementioned woods with her brushing my hair. I want pictures of my siblings and me (there are 10 of us total and I only see 2 of them even semi-regularly) doing some insanely cool things, like climbing a tree or something. I haven’t really thought about what I want to do with them as much. But the pictures I want of my wedding, which in reality will essentially be a giant family reunion, defy the limits of what can be done in a single day, especially during a wedding.


I recognize that many of us want these kinds of pictures. The pictures that you look at and wonder how they could have been brave enough to do it, just in case it ruined the dress. The pictures that you sit and admire and wonder how on earth they had time to get it that shot.


The wedding pictures most of us fantasize about.


Now are all day-after shoots literally the next day? No. It is more common because of rentals and such that they would be the next day. However, waiting a day to two, or even a week, would almost be ideal. This is simply so you and your significant other have time to rest, relax and soak everything in so that you walk into that shoot refreshed.

So if you’re getting married and want all the pictures you can possibly have from your big day, see if your photographer offers Day-after shoots and you’ll see how amazing they are.  


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