Cheyenne and Michael's Wedding, March 25th, 2018

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Wow has this month flown by! And man am I bad at keeping up with blogs. I want to formally apologize to anybody out there who has been waiting for our next post, especially if you've been waiting on this one. Its been a wild ride and its ending on a wilder note, but better late than never, right?


We first met Cheyenne as one of our contest winners for our yearly wedding give away! We fell in love with how she was describing her wedding plans to us and we just couldn't wait to be a part of it. We started with getting ready at her sisters house, which is gorgeous and contains two of the sweetest dogs ever. Once Candi and I saw the dress, I knew that I couldnt wait to see Cheyenne in it and see the portraits we were going to be able to create. As it was, her wedding details were AMAZING and I just could not stop thinking about how gorgeous her homemade bouquet was! Im not going to lie, it definitely gave me faith once more in my own plans to make my own bouquet as well. I mean, seriously, look at it! So pretty and the feel of the flowers? Perfect. The pictures we were able to get of the rings in the bouquet were just amazing and... I could go on forever about how awesome of a job that Cheyenne and Michael did with putting this bouquet together.


We headed next to The Yellow Barn, which is absolutely cozy and beautiful. Its such a unique space. There, we started with first look pictures, which were just adorable. We love our first look pictures here--the look on the grooms face when he sees the bride for the first time and the look on her face is just too precious. Michael and Cheyenne were no different  in that regard and you could see how much they loved each other as their eyes met. They had a beautiful ceremony and we enjoyed so many great photo moments. From the extra photography time we kept finding to the huge family shots, we truly had a great time with this couple and we wish them the best in their lives together. They already have such a beautiful family and we were truly blessed with meeting them. You can see more of their pictures by scrolling down or clicking here.


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