Autumn and Nelson

June 16, 2018  •  1 Comment

To say that I am a nerd is, well, rather an understatement. I eat, sleep, and breathe fandom. My car has Star Wars seat covers that are beyond epic. Im literally resting against a Marvel pillow case while staring at my extensive Doctor Who dvd and Funko Pop collection. My special edition Hobbit, whose leather cover is filled with dwarfish runes, glitters in the light from my ceiling. Which brings me to Autumn and Nelson's wedding.

When we did their engagement session back in early November, we had talked a little about their wedding plans and how it was going to be on the nerdy side (something about thrones was mentioned jokingly at one point) and Candi and I couldnt have been more excited. Shes almost as nerdy as me, though she may argue that she is equally nerdy. I wont let her fool you. I am that nerd that knows everything about their selected fandoms. Yeah, I'm that person. So when we walked into the VFW that Autumn and Nelson were hosting their wedding out of and saw their guest book, you could say my heart stopped. Of all the fandoms to choose, they chose the one that had inspired rather large portions of my life, which perhaps explains why I'm so odd-- Lord of the Rings. From their color scheme to the tiniest details, this wedding was magical- and no fingers had to be sacrificed in Mount Doom.

Though there were no Hobbits or wizened wizards, or even home sick dwarves at this beautiful wedding, Autumn and Nelson were totally surrounded by friends and family, all there to witness a love so beautiful that it put Arwen and Aragorn's to shame. You could see from the moments they each arrived, how excited they were. They each braved the heat for their portraits and were complete champs. Autumn really wins the 'Champ of the Portraits,' as we had some technical difficulties which led to some reshooting of her individual portraits (literally a few minutes after her initial portraits) and ended up outside in the over-90-degree-heat for longer than anticipated and still brought her A-game to the lens and totally slayed her portraits. Nelson was an absolute riot to photograph, as his groomsmen cheered and egged him on to some of the most glorious pre-wedding conversations I've ever gotten to photograph. And lets not mention the fact that when I called for the 4 of them to show me their best '90's boy band cover pose, Nelson essentially designed their 'album cover' and it was FLAWLESS.

This will always be one of my favorite weddings. From one nerd to two others, I can only thank them for allowing us to be apart of their day. We got to meet so many cool people, learn even more about these 2 amazing people, and help capture their memories. I truly hope to see more weddings and day's like theirs, as that kind of love truly is rare in this world and I would kill to see more of it. Plus, nerd stuff is my jam and that would be awesome too. You can check out more of their pictures below or even more here.


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