Why Hire a "Budget" Photographer? Why hire a budget photographer?My cousin Kyia, searching for some cool rocks during a photo shoot we did for her mother in Riverside Missouri

You might be wondering why even bother hiring a photographer who labels themselves as 'budget'? Especially when you could just ask your uncle or friend who owns a nice camera? I'll break it down for you.

  1. If you are having an event (say a wedding), I'm sure you would rather have that person enjoying your event rather than trying to get all the pictures taken.
  2. I am reliable. By no means am I saying that your friends or family are not reliable. I just know, in my family as well as my circle of friends, if I ask one of them to take pictures or do me a favor that's a couple of months out, they're probably going to accept and back out at the very last minute, or never finish the job (i.e. processing the pictures). Hiring me means you never have to worry about that. From the moment you book your appointment/wedding/engagement pictures with me, that date is set. I will confirm it with you the day before just to make sure everything still works for you. I work on self imposed deadlines to ensure that your finished pictures are delivered to you in an above average time frame.
  3. I am a budget photographer. This means that I do not work for the money, only that I have to make some money to cover costs of things like gas and equipment. This means that I charge prices low enough to work into a budget or that I'm willing to work with you through payments or lowered prices to help you get the product you want. It also means that I don't give you less than my best, no matter how much you pay. Want the bells and whistles but cant afford that $5000 price tag? I've got you.
  4. I want to make you happy and for our session to be a happy memory in the long line of memories that make up your life. I really do love making people smile and making them happy, which will always be a goal of mine. When I tell my clients that I am happy they are happy with my work, I truly do mean it.
  5. I work hard daily, weekly, monthly and so on to improve my skills and bring you the best of my best. I am constantly improving and learning new techniques, both on my camera and on my computer to continue to bring you the best quality of photography that I can. You can rest assured that when I pick up my camera for your session/event, it hasnt been more than a few days since I tried something new with it.


Honestly I am just a hard working artist wanting to make you happy without taking all your money.