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Awesome picture of me via my sister Sara, the Co-founder of DandB Hi everyone! Ali here. I started this company back in 2013 as a hobby. I've been documenting life through pictures since I was around 4, back with those 2 inch thick barbie cameras. I took pictures of my dolls and my sister, mostly, until I was older where I started documenting my visits to Oregon to visit my father (yay divorce! side note: you should totally visit Oregon if you havent; its GORGEOUS up there). It was on one of our rafting trips that I took the first picture that ever inspired me to do this professionally, but writing was my passion and I didnt have a camera that could really do what I was hoping for.

I've always been a story teller, using writing as my mode of creativity until photography took over my life. I still write on occasion and hope to one day publish my pride and joy of a novel (its fantasy, if you were wondering). But between now and then, photography has become my life. I spend hours and hours trying to find ways to improve my skills and what I offer to bring my clients the best service that I can provide.

I have 2 beautiful dogs, Hershey and Schultz (he knows Schultz and Hershey. And no, she does not have 2 different colored eyes; she is partially blind nothing). Since I still live with my parents and my younger sister Sara (who also is the co founder of Dragon and the Butterfly) for the time being, I also have 4 cats! One of them loves me more than everyone else and I love him better than the other cats (my shout out to my baby, Beans). My amazing fiance Cody lives with us and we are working on getting our own space hopefully soon so we can start planning our lives with our own stretching room.

So some random facts about me:

I have several siblings. Im talking 9 brothers and sisters. 4 adopted siblings, 2 step siblings, 2 half siblings and then my dork of a co-founder. Most of us dont live in the same house, let alone the same state so I dont have any pictures of us all together.

I am a giant, awkward nerd. I love Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Wars,  the Elder Scrolls, Friends, all things Disney--especially Snow White. The list goes on and on... BUT if you relate to being an awkward nerd we will totally get along and it will be epic.

I have my own library. Not even kidding. I collect books. I told you that I was a nerd, right?

I love to paint, draw, cook, and sew. I actually make 'viking age' styled dresses for fun.

I have struggled in finding my path in life, so I have a lot of different skills. One could even say that I'm a jack of all trades. It helps that Im mechanically minded and pick random things up really quickly... Trust me, this benefits any potential photography client.

I collect buttons. Not the buttons that go on like coats, but the ones with things written on them. My sister even made me a special bag to put them all on.


So now that you know some stuff about me, feel free to let me get to know you so that when we meet in person, we can have fun and relax instead of being a bunch of strangers and truly make your photography experience magical!