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Okay, so hopefully you've read our individual about me's, but you deserve to know about us as a team! (if you havent read them, read about Ali here, and Candi here)

Candi and I met driving school buses back in 2015! I had already been trying to get this business off the ground and (not so) secretly tried to compete against her for being the photographer of our bus driver friend group. So why do I mention this really random weird fact? Because I still compete with Candi, which works out best for you as our client because you know you'll be getting our very best! (We promise its a very playful, fun, and supportive type of competition)

We work hard and we have a lot of fun, often having the same thoughts at the same time and ensuring that the shot is made. It can get a little weird from the outside looking in, because its a lot like we are having a telepathic conversation--especially once we start laughing at the same time over the telepathic conversation.

We are like crazy in sync and try to have the most fun we can while capturing your memories so that hopefully you can have just as much fun with us!