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Alicia and Shawn's 1950s Style Engagement

July 27, 2018
When Alicia first started talking to me, I couldnt get over the fact that our names had the exact same spelling. We both say it differently, but it was definitely a bondi...
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Stephanie and Logan's Horseback Engagement

June 27, 2018
When I first met Stephanie and Logan, I thought they were two of the sweetest, most in love people I had ever had the pleasure of meeti ng and I was so excited when they...
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Autumn and Nelson

June 16, 2018
To say that I am a nerd is, well, rather an understatement. I eat, sleep, and breathe fandom. My car has Star Wars seat covers that are beyond epic. Im literally resting...
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Carlock Family Portraits

June 14, 2018
What do you do when your favorite family tells you they want to do a paint fight for their family portraits? Me, personally, I get super psyched. When Mitzi first told me...
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Mattie and Cole

May 23, 2018
I can honestly say that meeting Mattie and Cole has been such a wonderful adventure. From the moment they entered our yearly give away, Candi and I were so excited to wor...
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