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Jennas Senior Session, part 2

March 28, 2018  •  1 Comment

Okay. So lets not lie to ourselves. March has been up and down with the weather. One minute, you think you're going to have this awesome and warm day that has just the perfect everything and the next... The next its cold and miserable and no one wants to go out for a shoot. Which is exactly why Candi and I packed up our gear and drove our happy butts 2 hours to go and hang out with Jenna for a couple of hours! Jenna is honestly one of the sweetest, most awesome people I know and I can say that with certainty, especially since she's one of my sisters best friends.

H ave you ever met someone who is just so comfortable in front of the camera that no matter what, their pictures always come out uh-mazing? Meet Jenna. Honestly, any time I feel like I need a reset, someone to help me sort my brain and fix the loose wires that make my brain forget how to do things like talk to people in general, I know Jenna will set me straight. Not only is she incredibly photogenic and an absolute natural in front of a camera, but shes so fun to be with and calls me out when I'm being too hard on myself.

When we got to Manhattan, it was cold and blustery and my sister had beat us there (cheater drove down the night before). Our fi rst pictures looked like a storm was moving in, but we finally got the shots that Jenna had asked about when I went down over the summer (but everyone else was doing at the exact same time) and I couldn't be happier to have gotten those for her! We drove to a couple other places, the day very slowly warming up, and us playing around with random gear that I bought just to see what it would do to the pictures. Im not going to lie: Im really fascinated by how the color stuff worked and impressed that it worked so well.

After and outfit change and some driving to the edge of town, we came to a hiking trail with a gorgeous field and a couple of bridges. The sun was bright, the air was warm. It quickly became the perfect spot for a College Senior Session. We were lucky that the spot had little to no other people there, so we had time to set up her pictures however we all wanted. In fact, there was a point where Jenna chased my sister around with a rope, which is not something we probably could have gotten away with had there been other people in the field. So, please enjoy this little sneak peek into her album and check it out here!


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