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Hannah, our March Model of Awesomeness

April 01, 2018  •  1 Comment

Phew! This month has been an absolute whirlwind, and I'm not going to lie: it's been a little overwhelming and a smidge of a challenge. We started our month on the crazy side, especially once we found out about Photo Playhouse in Westport. Not only are the art installations epic, but the pictures that come from the time spent there verge on drool worthy. They are a pop up, so they were only open for a select amount of time and were on a time crunch just to get there. We went with Hannah on what was supposed to be their last day open in that location (it was extended and thats awesome) and spent some time really exploring what we could do with the space and the awesome outfits Hannah brought with her.

Now Hannah, she's our go to model here in the city. Any time we want to try something out, like our new lighting systems before a wedding or pictures in not great weather, we immediately think of Hannah. Not only is she versatile and fierce as all get up, shes drop dead gorgeous and just a lot of fun to spend time with, and willing to work with us as we figure things out. Her patience is incredible, especially when we are experimenting with something, and she will give us the same pose, the same look or the weird random task we gave her for prolonged periods of time with the same intensity as the first failed shot until we get the experiment right or realize that its just not going to work and move on. Seriously, this woman is amazing.

Our first session with Hannah this month was at the Photo Playhouse. It was yet another cold and dreary day in Kansas City, there was like no where to park in Westport on a Saturday (thats the norm, right?) and we had the whole place almost to ourselves! We worked our way through the whole building with Hannah's now boyfriend tagging along to help keep things sillier than normal (it was awesome, trust me). Before we got there, Hannah had decided on 2 outfits: one awesome model portfolio style one and one she called the "yowzah!" outfit. She was not kidding with the yowzah. Hannah killed it in her second outfit!


About a week later, Candi and I were prepping for a wedding we had and we needed to test out some lights we had obtained. For whatever reason, we didnt think about testing with each other. Hannah, the rock star she is, was available on short notice with her boyfriend to do an impromptu couples session to try out a few new posing techniques I'd seen as well as test the effectiveness of the lights. The day had started off gray with a threat of rain and we had decided on Wyandotte County Lake Park, as we wanted awesome lake sunset pictures--which did not happen. The sky never cleared and actually started to drizzle on us during the session. Thankfully, I'd brought a clear umbrella just in case the weather turned and boy did it turn. Not only was it drizzling, the temperature dropped rapidly and Hannah trooped on like it was nothing, only stopping occasionally so she could warm her bare feet (yes, this girl was in the cold bare footed!!!) up. We honestly couldnt have been more thrilled with what came of that night nor could we be more thankful to Hannah and Austin for all their help and encouragement.

Thank you Hannah for being such and absolute rock star. Seriously, if we gave out employee of the month style awards, she'd have won March. We'd call it Model or Client of the Month, or something of that nature. Something really awesome, for really awesome people, that's for sure!

Check out more of her albums here and here, or just sit back and enjoy her highlights!


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