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Mattie and Cole

May 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I can honestly say that meeting Mattie and Cole has been such a wonderful adventure. From the moment they entered our yearly give away, Candi and I were so excited to work with them. You could just tell how much they loved each other, from their messages to us and when I actually got to meet with them. Their love for each other was just infectious and I honestly couldn't wait to capture their big day.

Mattie and Cole were married April 28th of 2018 and boy was it a sunny day. Candi and I, along with Candi's niece who was helping as an assistant for the day, arrived a little bit on the too early side, but honestly theres almost never such a thing when it comes to photography. We were able to get a good feel for the Elks Lodge and take some absolutely beautiful pictures of the wedding details without there being any rush at all. And Mattie was so perfect about her details--she had them all together, beautifully organized and, in general, Mattie and Cole's wedding details were STUNNING. I wish you all could have heard Candi and I "ooh"ing and "aww"ing over each detail as we put them together and documented everything.

One thing that I loved capturing while everyone was still getting ready was a really sweet moment that Mattie and Cole had both taken a moment to create on this special day. Where as a lot of couples have started to opt for first looks, which are really sweet and touching moments that allow couples a moment together before they make the walk down the aisle, Mattie and Cole had both written each other letters and had given me the honor of delivering the letters to each other so that I could document their readings. Neither of them had reacted the way they had seemed to think they would, and honestly I think it was more beautiful to watch them laugh and smile rather than tear up. These were two people that I never felt were nervous to walk down the aisle and get married. To me, they always just seemed to miss each other and were so happy when they finally got to be united once more.

They had a beautiful ceremony that was presided over by Cole's father, while Mattie's brother walked her down the aisle for a truly special ceremony. The over head lights were dimmed and lit by soft chandeliers and twinkly lights on the walls, along with some gorgeous lighting in their wedding arch, which they had built themselves. Their reception was just as wonderful with the same sort of feel, though once the music started going thats when we learned how much fun this group really liked to have. I mean, we'd been having a lot of fun up until then, but when the guys start dancing and pulling some cool moves until one of them rips his pants, well I think you can see how much fun we ended up having at their wedding. We hated to go when we did, but honestly, I loved every second we were there.

And as a side note, with how early we were, we got to know the bridal party and spend some quality time with Mattie and her girls and by the end of the night, I truly felt like I'd known this group of women for a long time and not just the few hours it had really been. They were such a friendly, warm and energetic group of women whose happiness for their friend, sister, and daughter was so tangible that being allowed to be in the bridal suite with all of them was truly an honor and probably one of the things I enjoyed the most from their day. This wedding ended up ultimately being a wedding that I've been dreaming of capturing for a long, long time. From the details to the people, to the very true love that was shared between Mattie and Cole and those who loved them and were there to support them, I can honestly say that I loved every second of their day.

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