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Carlock Family Portraits

June 14, 2018  •  1 Comment

What do you do when your favorite family tells you they want to do a paint fight for their family portraits? Me, personally, I get super psyched. When Mitzi first told me about her plan, she wanted to keep it a secret from as many of the kids as possible. All they knew was that they had to wear white shirts and jeans. Now normally, I discourage people from wearing matching clothes-especially plain white shirts (they can get a little reflective in sunlight), but I was very excited for Mitzi's vision and all I could do was sit back and wait to see how awesome this was going to be.

First, we finished off Rae's senior portraits with her cap and gown session while we waited for everyone to arrive. Not only did she wear these epic batman socks that had a cape on them, Rae was epic with her pictures, like she always is truly.

Now this is a gorgeous family, and they are fun to boot! All but one of the kids made it, and the grandkids were either super sweet or genuinely cool, which was more fun than I can tell you all. Between the joy and excitement everyone was feeling and displaying through the single and group portraits, to the moment they found out they were going to get to pelt each other with paint to the before pictures, I was blessed to be able to capture every moment. Then, when I yelled 'go!' for everyone to start throwing the powdered paint that they had made, there was a brief pause before it became sheer, amazing and happy madness! Seriously, this looked so fun that I wish my own family would do something like this. A warning to anyone else who wants to do this awesome idea: the paint gets everywhere. Remove all phones, glasses, headphones, money, etc. if you want them to remain paint free!

I truly enjoyed getting to know everyone as much as I did--especially since I got to spend the day with 3 of my favorite people.

Check out more of their pictures here.






















































Grandma Bindy(non-registered)
Love all of the photos. Such a loving family I have. Miss you all but hold you in my heart!
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