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Dragon and the Butterfly Q&A

  • What if a session doesn't take a full hour? Do I still pay full price?
    • Yes. Your session fee doesn't just pay for the time we spend together, but for everything it takes to give you amazing final images that you will love.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    • All members of Law Enforcement, EMS, Military, and Fire receive automatic discounts. Simply ask!
  • What if your prices are too high?
    • I am so sorry you feel this way! However, I am one of the most affordable photographers in the city for the quality of work I provide. I do accept payment plans, but I am already priced as low as I can go.
  • Where could my pictures be taken?
    • I am technically a location photographer, which means we meet at a predetermined location and we have your pictures there. I prefer not to shoot in houses due to lighting reasons. So, technically, we could take your pictures just about anywhere! Take a peek at our location albums for inspiration!
  • How many pictures will I receive?
    • You will get back as many as I can give,roughly 30 pictures an hour guaranteed. As I edit your pictures, I will choose the best of the best (to ensure quality) and present them back to you for your use.
  • I'm wanting to download my pictures but I can't
    • We no longer offer downloads off of the website for your own privacy. We now offer free private client galleries where you can download your pictures from. Those albums do expire after 3 months (unless you have scheduled multiple sessions with us in one year. i.e. engagement pictures and a wedding, the 4 seasons senior session) and require a $10 restocking fee for the website to host them once again. The custom link is sent to you the moment we start uploading pictures.
  • Do you keep copies?
    • Yes. I keep back ups of my back ups to ensure that you have a reliable way to have your own copies just in case your copies are corrupted or lost. You can also request that we restock your pictures on the private gallery (the only place you can download pictures at this point) for $10. This will keep your entire gallery up for 3 months.
  • What is a 'day after' shoot?
    • A day after shoot is a photo shoot that takes place shortly after your wedding. You and your now spouse dress back up in your wedding clothes, along with anyone else you want to join you, and we take more pictures in a stress free, more creative and less demanding environment. Its a way to take pictures of the two of you and get the really cool ones that you want without the stress of the wedding or the days schedule rushing you through it all. Here is more info on this
  • How do I order pictures?
    • Through the private gallery link that will be provided to you once your pictures start being uploaded. You don't have to order them through us, but we cannot guarantee the quality you will receive by not ordering through us.