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Hi there!
This is the main page for the rates. Whether you are looking for a photographer for your upcoming birthday, some good old fashioned family portraits, or even a wedding photographer, I'm happy to help you with all. I've separated out my prices into individual pages to make everything easier, which you can click at the bottom.
Some basics you should know:
  • I am a budget photographer. If you are unable to work at the current price that is set, please email me so we can build a better package for you. This almost never means skimping on what you will get (the exceptions only apply to some of the goodies that are included in the wedding packages).
  • Any locations 100 miles (approx. 1 hour) outside of zip code 66104 will incur a $20 fee per tank of gas
  • Last minute appointment rescheduling and late arrivals (later than 10 minutes) will be subjected to a $20 fee. All appointments must be rescheduled 48 hours in advance to waive this fee.
  • Picture CD's are $15 per disk
  • 32 GB flash drives are also $20 per drive
  • If you do not want to print your pictures through me, I do charge $10 to remove the water mark if you want them removed. Otherwise your print release form covers any issues your preferred printer may try to give you. Water make removal is free when you do order from me.
  • If you require a second photographer, they are $50/hr
All packages include:

Facebook upload and a free digital download via private gallery that only you will have the link to

No limits on the amount of pictures you will receive

Print Release

Pictures uploaded in batches as I work on them for your viewing pleasure

Free consultations if so desired

Professionally edited pictures

Outfit changes if so desired

Location changes if so desired

Without any further adieu, please continue on to the page that best fits your needs (basic packages for anything from new born shoots to a party, senior packages for your graduating senior, or wedding packages for your celebration of love)