Zenfolio | Dragon and the Butterfly Studios | Senior Brand Ambassador Program

Welcome Class of 2019!

This is going to be your year, and its time to show the world who you are. Why not start it as a possible Senior Model in our Brand Ambassador program?


What is the Brand Ambassador Program?

A brand ambassador is a senior model, either in high school or college, who will act as a model representative for Dragon and the Butterfly Studios in Kansas City. Through out the school year, we will use your pictures in different marketing campaigns, on social media, and just about any where else where we think your face will look AMAZING. You show off your pictures online and in print, hand out customized rep cards with your pictures on them and spread the word about your awesome experience with us on places such as insta or facebook! Then, for every referral you send us, you get a credit on prints, more free sessions, or even some prizes!

So what all does an Ambassador get to start?

  • Free senior portrait session to kick it all off
  • Your very own rep cards to give to potential referrals
  • Pictures to use in a portfolio, should you ever consider becoming a model
  • Spot light spots on our website, facebook, and insta

But thats just to get you started! After you're all set up as a brand ambassador, it will become your responsibility to spread the word and try to score as many referrals as you can throughout the school year. I know, getting referrals can be rough but that is why we offer our ambassadors a special referral bonus system!

Referral Bonuses

  • For every referral, a 10% credit is applied to your account. This credit can be applied towards things like graduation announcements, prints, or even family sessions or a full blown session with all your best friends. 
  • For every 5 referrals, you receive another FREE senior session. You could easy get the whole 4 seasons portrait package for free and truly document your year.
  • For every 15 referrals, you will receive a $50 amazon gift card

Things you should know before you sign up:

  • We only take a limited amount of students a year
  • Your first session must be done before school starts up after summer break
  • You will be representing our company, so we ask that you actively participate and promote Dragon and the Butterfly Studios throughout your school year. The more active you are, the more we will reward you.
  • You must agree to have your senior portraits done by only us during your senior year
  • You must be fairly to excessively active on social media. You must also tag us in every post involving your senior portraits
  • We are looking for seniors who are comfortable in front of a camera
  • If you are under 18, your parents must sign the contract with you, as well as be present at all of your sessions until you turn 18, unless otherwise discussed.
  • There are times we like to experiment with new concepts or techniques. Willingness to randomly help us with these things is a bonus, for us and you!
  • You will receive the full Dragon and the Butterfly Studios experience, which you can check out here.

How to sign up

We want to still make sure we are the right photographers for you and that you are the right models for us! We will be holding interviews until we find our 2-3 candidates for 2019, or until July--which ever happens first. Please contact us here to set up your Ambassador interview.